Recent trends in separation techniques

High-throughput separations are in great demand in several fields, like clinical, forensicstoxicology, environmental and pharmaceutical analyses. on the opposite hand, extremely efficient separations are necessary for several applications, together with metabolomics, proteomics, and genomics. terribly advanced samples, like biological materials, cryptic digests or natural plant extracts need extremely efficient and quick analytical procedures to yield high resolution within an appropriate analysis time. The growing demand to reinforce potency and reduce analysis speed directed several researchers to develop innovations within the ancient separation system.

  • Removing heavy metals from industrial wastewater
  • Electro-dialysis
  • Photo-catalysis
  • Bio analytical Techniques
  • Cryogenic distillation
  • Laser separation
  • Electro-driven Separations
  • Small-scale widely distributed CO2 recovery processes
  • Technology used in the separation of nuclear waste materials

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